Be positive, be friendly, be honest, be open-minded, take risks.

Value the people in your life and tell them why. Be honest about how you feel, even if it’s embarrassing. Be willing to take the path that makes you look the most foolish.

If you love someone, consider very carefully the consequences of telling them. Then tell them.

Sadness is not the same as depression. Sadness is an important part of life. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t forever be trying to get rid of it.

Remember that life is the stuff that’s happening now. Meditation can help with this.

If you don’t know what you want, try wanting what you already have. Meditation can help with this too.

When you force yourself to be more positive, it actually makes you more positive. Give it a go.

Be sincere, even when you think people will scoff. Especially when you think people will scoff.

Of course you care what you look like, but try to care as little as you dare. It’s liberating.

Extreme opinions are more fun but moderate opinions are more helpful.

It is almost impossible not to be judgemental. Try as hard as you can anyway. When you inevitably fail, apologise and try again.

Practise having entire conversations where you just ask questions and don’t once talk about yourself. It’s really hard.

Understand that there are things that no-one knows. Just because someone has an answer, it doesn’t mean they’re right. Don’t assume that Certainty is better than Uncertainty.

It is definitely possible that there is something other than our universe. It is also definitely possible that we have neither the knowledge nor the language to understand or describe it. We know so little as to practically know nothing, so we should hold our beliefs lightly.

If you’re a perfectionist like me, you are probably fortunate that life has been good enough to you to allow you to retain the belief that you can control it. Try to distinguish between actual bad things and things that are just different from what you expected. With a little practice, you can move a lot of life from the former category into the latter. Be thoughtful with anything that remains in the former. Laugh your head off at everything in the latter. It makes life way funnier.

Being silly is not the same as being immature. Be very, very silly.

All of these platitudes are totally vacuous in the face of extreme physical or mental hardship. If you can find any meaning in them at all, take a moment to realise how lucky you are that simple words can improve your life.

Try, try, try. You know when Yoda said Do or do not. There is no try? That’s absolute bollocks. All you can ever do is try.

Try to be positive, try to be friendly, try to be honest, try to be open-minded, try to take risks.

Life is extraordinarily complex, surreal and bewildering. If you’re doing it right.

Welcome to 2015. 🙂


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