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Continuing my secret plan to eventually never have to write my own blog again, I’m really excited to have this third guest entry to present. All my guest bloggers have written me English articles despite not being native English speakers, which is quite astonishing. Here are the previous ones from Fabio and Mikaela.

I’ve left this one fully intact without any edits whatsoever in order to preserve the charming Germanic flavour! I met Pia and Maria whilst WWOOFing near Napier on the North Island, and then caught up with them again in Kaikoura. We also had an unbelievably random encounter in the botanic gardens in Christchurch. They taught me how to sing in German and were great fun to live with, even if they were pretty grumpy in the mornings…

You can spot Pia and Maria numerous times in this blog entry from November. Thanks for finding the time guys, although I know you don’t have anything to do!

Guest Blog: Pia & Maria

Hi everybody,

now Maria and me, Pia, have the honour to write a guest blog entry for our friend Jonathan who we met during our time in New Zealand. We were two of those many many germans over there so we were very happy that we could spend 2 wonderful weeks with Jonathan on Hohepa, a bio organic farm where handicaped people are working together with „normal“ kiwis. He teached us cooking and now, we’re back in Germany, showing our mums how to make really good baked potatoes 😀

As well, we spend a lot of time on the fields together, weeding, harvesting and the favourite: Throwing stones for 4 hours. When Jonathan started to make his teacher by saying „Come on guys, let’s make a game of it!“ Maria and me just thought „Stop talking…“. But after a lot of good conversations and talking about our lifes we were really happy to have Jonathan with us, he became a good friend and we caught up in Kaikoura and coincidentally in Christchurch. He is a wonderful person and we are are so happy that we met him!

So, now we want to tell you guys a bit about our life on Hohepa, the farm we worked with Jonathan.

It is a great community, the morning circles were veeery funny, if nearly nobody in this room could stay in the rythm 😀 But everything seemed to be so easy and they just accepted each other, it was like a little family. And so, they also welcomed Maria, Jonathan and me, the new WWOOFers. We had to introduce ourselves in the morning circle and were accepted in their communtiy. Also the german volunteers, who are working there and with whom we shared the kitchen and the bathrooms were very nice with us.

Everything was not really organised and our chinese boss Jao (not to forget: he always wore a cowboy had and sun glasses) was quite confused to be responsable for us because the normal boss was on vacation. We nearly never knew what he actually wanted us to do because the communication was a bit different, let’s say.

Maria and me never worked on a farm before so working on the fields in the sun was a bit hard in the beginning but with the warmth of the people and the words of the handicaped people it was really fun.

Also to have a bed and a room on our own and to get to know a couple of people better than just „Where are you from and how long are you staying in New Zealand for?“ was refreshing.

The weekends with the volunteers were great, even if our grandpa Jonathan stayed at home ;)

 (EDITOR’S NOTE: Pia and Maria are 20. You do the maths.) Anyway, it was great to get the chance to work with handicaped people and to get to an impression of this unadulterated food production.

Thank you Jonathan so much for those great and funny two weeks and for all the stories you shared with us and we shared with you!!

Maria and Pia

Snapshots of NZ (by Maria and Pia!)

_MG_0813 _MG_0985 IMG_0810 IMG_0844 IMG_0881 IMG_0891 IMG_0898 IMG_0901


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