A Soundtrack to New Zealand

So I like music (who doesn’t?) but don’t know much about it. Therefore I usually stay away from discussing it, simply because I don’t have anywhere near the knowledge or vocabulary to have informed opinions about it. Contrast this to my frequent, strongly-held opinions on films, for example.

Nevertheless, I do listen to a lot of music, in a very haphazard, uncoordinated sort of way. I discover music mostly through playing random radio stations on Spotify and using Shazam to look up songs I overhear in shopping centres.

In that spirit, here’s a tonally jarring and poorly curated collection of songs that I discovered while in New Zealand. I loved them all, then I listened to them continually on loop until I was sick of them, because that’s pretty much the only way I know how to listen to music. Also my smartphone has very limited space.

I would write reviews of them, but they would all just read like this: I liked the bit where it went da-da-da-dum and then did a twangy section with a violin maybe. I wasn’t sure about the loud bit at the end but it was kinda cool I guess.

So yeah, I’ll just let the songs speak for themselves. Sing for themselves. Play for themselves. Whatever songs do.

Modern Drift (2010)

At Home (2010)
Crystal Fighters


L.A.F. (2014)

Seasons (2014)
Future Islands

Down Down the Deep River (2013)
Okkervil River

Welcome Home, Son (2007)
Radical Face

Window (2004)
The Album Leaf

Last of a Kind (2014)

Final Frontier (2014)
Thomas Bergersen

Love Is All I Got (2012)
Feed Me / Crystal Fighters

Helena Beat (2011)
Foster the People

Hurricane (2013)

We Come Running (2012)
Youngblood Hawke

Hearts Like Ours (2013)
The Naked and Famous


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