New blog!

Hello Loyal Blog Followers,

This is a message just for you. Do you miss my blog? Do you wish you had something else to read written by me?

Wait, did you say No?

You did?


Well this is awkward. You know what, let’s pretend you said Yes.

Shhhhhhhh. You love my blog.

So good news! I have a new one! It’s all about films! There are already three entries!

And here’s the blog: Fof on Film

I really, really appreciated all your readership and support while I was writing my New Zealand blog, and I’d love for you to sign up to follow my new blog too. You can do this on the main page of the new blog.

If you don’t like films, well… never mind.

If you don’t like my writing, well… screw you.

Love fof


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