This is me. I’m Anglo-Chinese, and I’ve lived in London for the last three years. I’m now going travelling in New Zealand for a year. Travelling is a kind of catalyst for writing this blog, but really I should have been writing one already. Not because my life is all that fascinating, but because I always say I like writing, and it helps to, y’know, do the things you say you like.

Other things I like include films written by Charlie Kaufman, books written by David Mitchell, and seafood, which isn’t written by anyone, but is tasty.

I like sincerity, but I’m always sarcastic, and I like being open-minded, but I’m very opinionated.

I like the idea that life is about exploration and curiosity and embracing the fact that we hardly know anything, instead of presuming that we know everything.

I don’t like spiders. I mean, I really don’t like spiders.


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